“Volunteering is a great privilege and the Global Scoliosis Foundation welcomes your spirit…”

Educational Support Group Meetings

Meetings are hosted by chapter presidents to facilitate education and support.  Reaching all ages, the meetings will benefit those dealing with the complexities of scoliosis, other spinal disorders and chronic back pain.  Since education plays such an important role in decision making, having it readily at hand is something many will appreciate when they enter the process of healing.


Current Chapters

  • Scoliosis Foundation of Palm Harbor (Tampa, Florida)

Contact: Debra Ordes, Chapter President

Phone: (727) 772 0314

The below video links reflect chapter related material under the direction of Debra Ordes in prior years.  We are proud to share these videos with you and have her on board as a new chapter leader and President of the Global Scoliosis Foundation, Inc.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXS716Dppuc (Scoliosis Chapter Video)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlbzJ9r7uwA (Scoliosis Chapter Support Video of Tatiana’s (from Romania) Miracle Journey)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1ndVem8o1o (Scoliosis Walk-a-thon 2006-2008)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9P2jzYAeQg (Scoliosis Walk-a-thon 2009)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4uxDHBipAM (Scoliosis Walk-a-thon 2010)

  • Kickin Curves – Scoliosis Foundation of Tampa Bay, Florida (Youth Group) (girls/boys)

Contact: Allison Ruckhardt, Chapter President

Phone: (813) 814-2827


  • Let’s Talk Back – Scoliosis Foundation of North Tampa (Florida)

Contact: Cheryl Morgan, Chapter President

Phone: (813) 918-8699


  • Scoliosis Foundation of Kalamazoo (Michigan)

Contact: Lauren Higginson, Chapter President

Phone: (269) 364-0655

Email: globalscoliosis@yahoo.com

  • Scoliosis in Brevard – Scoliosis Foundation of Melbourne, Florida

Contact:  Marjorie Beckett, Chapter President

Phone: (321)-728-8822

Email: Scoliosisinbrevard@gmail.com

Website: www.scoliosisinbrevard.com


In the realm of keeping the meetings fun, your chapter can meet at social gatherings. Sprinkled in the mix can be picnics in the park, dinner on the town, theatre shows, holiday festivities or just plain coffee and tea.


Fundraising endeavors will generate money for the Global Foundation and or other spine related causes (i.e. Scoliosis Research, Children’s Hospitals, Global Spine Missions). No matter how big or small your event, every penny raised will go to good cause. We are here to support you in your endeavors and give you ideas to help you get started. Enlisting key members in your community to help you host these events will allow your fundraising efforts to grow.

*GSF chapter presidents must host 4 annual meetings, socials or fundraisers to be considered ACTIVE

What Does it Take to Start a Chapter?

“It all starts with desire, dedication and time…”

Guess what “the sky is the limit,” and deciding to open a chapter will be your very first step to opening doors that will allow you to meet others in your community with scoliosis. You can take it to the next level and coordinate socials/fundraisers or keep the meetings strictly for education and support “the choice is yours.” Not only will you enjoy the memories you create, but those in your community will be appreciative of your efforts and be happy to share their experiences. It will be fun to enlist key people in your community that will offer to volunteer and help you!

“Some of the most amazing and best friends I ever made were during my days of volunteering,” says Debbie Ordes.

Youth Groups – Great news if you are under the age of 18, you have two choices: You can form a Youth Group in your community that is co-managed by a parent or adult or become part of our Tampa Youth Group chapter for girls and boys worldwide called “KickinCurves.” For more information, please check out their website at www.kickinCurves.org.

Some Guidelines

  • To become a Chapter President or Youth Group leader you or a family member must have been diagnosed with Scoliosis.
  • All presidents will be required to complete and submit an application to volunteer with GSF.
  • You will be required to comply with a background check, upon request.
  • You will be required to host a minimum of four (4) “meetings, socials or fundraisers” annually.
  • You will be required to initial interviews with at least one Director of the GSF (via phone or in person).
  • You will be required to abide by the Global Scoliosis Foundation By-Laws.
  • You are required to email quarterly updates to the main office of your Chapter or Youth Group activities.
  • Photos and descriptions of your activities can be sent to the Global main office globalscoliosis@aol.com and will be posted to our website.
  • GSF has the right to make changes to any of the above-mentioned guidelines.

To start a Chapter or Youth Group in your area, please contact our global office (727) 712-5399 or submit your request by clicking the “Start a Chapter” button.

Your community will no longer have to face things alone…

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