Meet Tiffany from San Diego, California, USA who shares her Scoliosis Story…

My name is Tiffany Jackson. When I was only 7 years old, I became aware of my scoliosis condition. I am now 26 years old and have learned so much. At a young age, I wore a back brace and had to go to school wearing it. I was teased and pushed around in elementary school, which caused me not to wear it and my mom didn’t want to see me cry so she didn’t force me to wear it plus it was so uncomfortable.

Ultimately, I ended up having surgery and then the real problems came. I got older and realized how misshapen my body was and how the two huge scars on my back prevented me from wearing what I wanted in fear of someone staring, or at that time God forbid let a boy see it. I was so self conscious and hated myself. I looked for attention in wrong places and began to act out in class to make kids laugh, having sex too early, being rebellious, arguing with my mom and the list goes on and on. It took all that time until now to truly understand where all that behavior came from but I’m glad I eventually reached a realization.

My new goal in life is to be a mentor and confidante to young girls, in particular, to share my story and let them know that its okay.

In 1996, when I had the surgery they gave me a VHS type and a couple of brochures to try and relax my mind before the surgery. The video displayed kids running, swimming and being very active but never mentioned the emotional side one may face. I want to be able to provide the “real” emotional side of my story to help others who might be experiencing the same. So if you know anyway that I can help in that aspect please feel free to email me. I hope you have enjoyed my truth and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank You.



Tiffany, You are beautiful and inspirational! We welcome your desire to help others! Thank you for sharing your story…

Debbie Ordes, President Global Scoliosis Foundation