Meet Kaitlyn M. from Tennessee, USA who shares her Scoliosis Story…

In February of 2012, at the age of 11, I was diagnosed with scoliosis during a routine sports physical. At the time, I didn’t know what scoliosis was. I spent the car ride from my doctor’s office to the hospital for x-rays looking it up on my phone. I began wearing a back brace a month later for a 23 degree curve. When I was diagnosed, I said two things. I wanted to start a support group to meet and talk to others dealing with scoliosis and I wanted to create a 5K event to raise money for scoliosis awareness and research. I did both. I started the Tennessee Chapter of Curvy Girls International.

My curve quickly progressed even in a brace, so on December 19, 2012, I had spinal fusion surgery. At that time, my curve was at 68 degrees.

As for my 5K event, my family and I teamed up with Scenic City Multisport and created and hosted the
first ever color race for scoliosis – Color the Curve. I was able to walk/run the 5K just 6 months after my surgery. We had over 1100 participants representing 18 states and Canada. We donated the $13,000 we raised to the National Scoliosis Foundation. This June, we will host the 2nd annual Color the Curve event. We will also host a second event – a glow run also in June – Color the Curve After Dark. I am excited about both events and I love the opportunities these events offer. I have met so many amazing people through Color the Curve. I’ve also come to realize scoliosis doesn’t affect just girls so I am now extending my support efforts to girls and boys and their families.

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Kaitlyn, Thank you for sharing your Scoliosis Story! Wow, what amazing journey filled with positive energy!  You are not only beautiful but truly are an inspiration to all.  You have made a difference in this world far greater than your scope! Keep up the GREAT work! – Debbie Ordes, President Global Scoliosis Foundation, Inc.