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Great News – there is no membership fee – but many ways you can help us!

GSF is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization run by volunteers.  We do not offer medical advice but assist those afflicted with scoliosis spinal deformity by providing educational materials.  We welcome donations that help us continue our mission to reach out to those in need of support and assist our chapter presidents and youth group leaders with opening chapters, hosting fund raising events and socials.  Donations help us offset the expenses of postage, office supplies, educational materials, equipment and monthly phone expenses.  Global missions and research will also benefit from these donated funds.

WE NEED YOU…to lend a helping hand!

Here’s how you can get involved…

Start a Chapter

Start a Fundraiser

Become A Business Sponsor

Our Business Sponsors help make it possible for us to provide free educational and support outreach to all ages afflicted with spinal deformity by offsetting the daily expenses incurred.  Sponsorship also helps us launch events and activities that amplify scoliosis awareness and generate funds for research into the causes.
We value business partnerships and welcome the opportunity to recognize their investment in our organization so that we may better serve our global scoliosis communities. If you would like to become a business sponsor, GSF would love the opportunity to welcome and recognize you.

Here are some of our business sponsors:

Anthony P. Moreno, MD


“Tree of Hope”

“One Person Can Make a Difference and Together We Can Change a Life…”

treeThe Global Scoliosis Foundation, Inc. is proud to introduce a commemorative rosewood sculpture which adorns the wall of our national office in Safety Harbor, Florida. This beautiful wall hanging, entitled “Tree of Hope” is a vibrant symbol of hope and strength and provides us with a fitting way to honor, recognize or memorialize a Loved One. With each leaf that is added to the tree, it will continue to grow and your generosity will help us pursue our mission to serve families in the U.S. and around the world.

Memorialize a Loved One or Special Occasion by purchasing a permanent leaf on our “Tree of Hope”. Each leaf may be engraved with a message, as well as the name of the person, group, chapter or business you are honoring. Our leaves are available in Bronze, Silver and Gold with denominations of $100, $250 and $500, respectively. Pledges of $500 can be paid in four installments.

For more information on how to purchase a leaf or make your pledge in installments, call (727) 712-5399 or you may print and complete this form and send your donation via check made payable to: Global Scoliosis Foundation, Inc. 1800 Mease Drive, Safety Harbor, Florida 34695.

Member Sponsor

Help our member sponsor list grow and grow

Every dollar donated to the Global Scoliosis Foundation is spent towards our mission to provide education and support for global scoliosis communities with a designated portion to research. We want to encourage future research into the causes of scoliosis.

“We recognize that all donations come from the heart and as such are priceless”

OUR GOAL IS TO RAISE $100,000.00 FOR RESEARCH…can we do it???


If you are reading this page and have scoliosis or know someone who has scoliosis then please consider taking a moment to make a secure $1.00+ donation thru PAYPAL/CREDIT CARD designated strictly for research funding. If everyone followed through with this simple request, “TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE” and HOPE becomes a REALITY that researchers will validate their findings that will benefit future scoliosis patients.

PLEASE JOIN OUR GROWING LIST BY MAKING A DONATION. The monies will not be donated to research until we reach our goal of $100,000.00.


Yes, We Can! Yes, We Can! Yes, We Can! Yes, We Can! Yes, We Can! Yes, We Can!