Coins For Curves

The fundraiser Coins for Curves® originated in Orlando, Florida by an 8th Grader, Julia Chisholm. Julia was able to build awareness of scoliosis at St. James Cathedral School (approx. 430 students), and together, she and her fellow students generated $3,200 in funds for scoliosis charities.

How She Did It

Julia purchased the pictured containers (right) at a local dollar store and computer generated a sign for the front of each large bucket, which she laminated and hot glued. She set a goal for each classroom to raise $150.00 by collecting pocket change from their family and friends.The duration of her fundraiser was 30 days.

She created a chart for each classroom to track their weekly funds. Julia handwrote $10 increments next to each level of the spine. Each week, the class would highlight or color in how much money had been collected so far.

Well, the competition was on—especially when the class with the most funds raised would get an ice cream party. Great job Julia!

How You Can Do It

Coins for Curves® is a fundraiser that can be hosted from your very own home, school or congregation. Remember, every penny matters! Proceeds from the event will benefit the Global Scoliosis Foundation to further its mission of serving scoliosis communities worldwide and the Scoliosis Research Society.

If you are interested in hosting such an event, please contact our main office (727) 712-5399 and we will help you get started. We would like to recognize our event coordinators (individually or collectively as a group) on our global website.